Choosing the domain of your website

Something that is an important part of your website is the domain you choose to use. A domain is an essential part because it is the domain that is entered into the browser when visitors want to access your website. Choosing the right domain can feel difficult as many domains are already occupied by someone else. However, it is not an overly complicated process.

Choose a good domain name

The most common thing is to get a domain containing your company name. For example, if you run Strands Bageri AB in Uppsala, you can choose beach bakery or beach bakery as a domain with a .se or .com extension. If these are busy, for example, you can choose to acquire a domain such as beach bakery Uppsala or bakery beach.

You can advantageously be a little inventive if the domain you want is occupied. It is better to rewrite the words than, for example, to insert a hyphen such as a beach bakery. A dash can easily be missed, which allows your customers to end up on the wrong website.

Then you get a domain

To get a domain you need to buy one. There are special sites online that are dedicated to selling domains. You can buy both .se and .com extensions and everything in between that is available. However, if you have a serious business site, it is recommended that you buy a .se or .com domain.

Many are tempted to buy a .nu or .live extension if .se and .com are busy. However, it is recommended that you change your domain name instead of your domain extension.

A domain usually costs from SEK 100 and up depending on how popular it is considered to be. You usually pay a domain annually. Therefore, remember to renew your domain subscription every year so that your customers find you.